Life Teams

Scripture of the Week – Scripture Proverbs 27:17 – “Iron sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another.”  

A couple weeks ago we addressed the all important topic of community for leaders. Today we’re encouraging everyone to pursue one practical form of community called a Life Team. This is because life teams are a more intense, specific, intentional and accountable form of community. You can have lots of community in your life but no life team. 

What is a life team? Life teams are a set of individuals who know all about each other and are all in for mutual benefit of growth – there’s not a designated leader, coach, boss, etc. These are people mutually investing in each other by sharing deeply what they need and building each other up by giving back what each person indicates they need. 

Josh (The Consultant) and Erik (The Coach) are on a life team together so we’re practicing what we preach here. Our life team meets twice per month over lunch to mostly listen to each other and give each other what’s requested. This could be any of the 22 nutrients listed by Dr. John Townsend in his book, People Fuel. We use this language to convey more clearly to the group what each member is needing in a given week. It could be to listen, convey good, encouragement, perspective or celebration. The point of the group is to be together through every circumstance, listen well and build up as each person has needs or gaps in their life. 

Why life teams? As we discussed two weeks ago, people are created for community with God and each other. And while there are several ways to do community, we believe life teams offer leaders a structured, intentional way to live out the calling with other leaders.

So if in 2022 you are considering your deeper needs of relationship and community of peers willing to go deeper with you on your journey of growth of your business, family and community impact, please consider partnering up with 1-3 others who you can trust with the deepest confidence, who are reliable and willing to go with you. If you don’t have such individuals in your life, drop us a note at We’re putting together life teams via Zoom in 2022 and as we identify potential life team members who would fit well together, we’ll reach out about getting together to explore virtual life teams via the TCTC community.