Scripture of the Week – Proverbs 18:24 – “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

As the calendars change to 2022 – let’s now consider the importance of community. While family and holidays can be enriching or fulfilling for many, as we discussed last week they can also come with dysfunction or painful memories for others. Regardless of where you sit, the Bible and research strongly supports our need for community – whether that is through family members, a church or other close friendships surrounding us as leaders of businesses, families and communities.

When we look at the Bible to understand the importance of community – it’s clear when studying Genesis that man was created for work (see our Work vs. Toil blog) and community (Adam and Eve, Jesus & His disciples). This trusting relationship between people was broken by sin and we’re called to redeem these broken relationships between each other by living in community with each other. As leaders, it’s our calling to build this community of support and accountability for ourselves and others around us.

In today’s context, community is an incredible equalizer to the influences from the worst impulses of humanity (ie sin). The opposite of community, loneliness and isolation was a pandemic in our culture prior to COVID-19 which is only now worse. When left alone or in isolation, people come to ruin – especially leaders in our TCTC community. When looking at failed leaders and businesses, they are many times without community, support and accountability.
For Josh, The Consultant, he’s experienced radical community at various points along his journey – other leaders and mentors who were willing to lay their lives open before him and guide him to a higher level of learning, growth and leadership. These relationships are lifelong connections with people that never really go away. Even as space and time have taken him apart from these deeply meaningful relationships, there is a mystery to how quickly he can re-engage with these friends almost immediately upon seeing each other again.

As you consider your own journey of relationships – where have you felt deeply fulfilled, encouraged and strengthened? Who has spoken the truth into your life? Where have you experienced grace? When have you experienced a radical commitment of time and energy to your growth? How have you offered this to other people?

We hope you will consider your community in the new year – in a couple weeks we’ll be talking specifically about life teams and how to form these. If we can help you form community in your life, please reach out to us. We’re starting to build TCTC life teams for those in need of support and accountability while they lead their families, businesses, and communities.

What are some ways The Consultant and The Coach help their clients with community?

The Consultant

  • Advise the Board and CEO on building a culture of community, transparency and accountability
  • Work with the CEO and executive team to assess and align their own leadership capacity with the company strategic plan

The Coach

  • Build with leaders an individualized development plan with each executive which includes assessment of their current community
  • Work with executives to help them find life teams and other accountability through community in their relationships to help them live out their values more consistently and show up in their leadership role in more highly functional ways